Cheap Air ticket&LCC

■ Tokyo ⇔ Sapporo
From depending on each airline such as Indonesia / Singapore / Vietnam to Tokyo. If you Consider Some more further trip to Hokkaido. Please take a look and book.

◎ Narita Dep/Arr LCC Jetstar use
Tokyo(Narita)→ Chitose(Sapporo)(tariff : up to the end of 10/2016)
Chitose(Sapporo)→ Tokyo(Narita)(tariff : up to the end of 10/2016)
◎ Haneda Dep/Arr JAL use
Tokyo (Haneda) ⇔ Hokkaido in various airport (tariff)[japanese]

Open jaw are also available! (Go: Haneda → Chitose / Return: Kushiro → Haneda, etc.)

■ Kansai or Chubu Nagoya ⇔ Sapporo
Kansai or Centrair(Nagoya) → Chitose (Sapporo) (tariff : up to the end of 102016)
Chitose (Sapporo) → Kansai or Centrair(Nagoya) (tariff : up to the end of 10/2016)
After around the Golden route to Hokkaido Chitose flights from Kansai Airport or Centrair Airport
★Also others discount flight ticket such as from Golden route to Kyushu or Okinawa will apply.